Sessions bookable online

First Meeting

First meetings allow you to get to know the studio, the tattooist and talk about the style of your tattoo. You can then decide to book a design session or a tattoo session. First meetings will be held by Emmanuel. 

Outside view of Studio Emmanuel Mazzeo
Tattoo equipment
Sneak peek inside the studio
Emmanuel Mazzeo at work

Small Tattoo

Tattoo prices vary, depending on the design, the time, the size, etc. A small tattoo will take about an hour and cost about 300CHF.


Design Meeting

"Tattoos are a form of expression and I would like to give you the opportunity to put as much as possible of yourself into it. In this session you'll have the possibility to put your thoughts onto paper and to translate them into images, which eventually will turn into your very personal tattoo design. The design session takes about 1h and materials will be provided. As a preparation, please send me three pictures with a short description of you idea." - Emmanuel

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2022-06-08 16_42_06-Window
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